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Schedule of Events


1:00PM Session 2 - Friday Day Latin

1:00PM Pro/Am Latin Single Dances

03:00PM World Pro-Am Latin Dancesport Series

03:17PM Pro/Am Latin Scholarships

03:51PM Open Amateur Latin

04:35PM End of Session


06:00PM Session 3 - Friday Afternoon/Evening Rhythm

06:00PM Pro/Am Rhythm & Night Club Single Dances

06:00PM Student/Student Rhythm & Night Club Single Dances

06:00PM Amateur Rhythm & Night Club Single Dances

08:23PM World Pro-Am Rhythm Dancesport Series

08:54PM Pro/Am Rhythm Scholarships

09:12PM Showcase

09:46PM End of Session


09:30AM Session 4 - Saturday Day Ballroom/Smooth

09:30AM Pro/Am Ballroom Single Dances

09:30AM Amateur Ballroom Single Dances

11:10AM World Pro-Am Ballroom Dancesport Series

11:10AM Amateur Ballroom Multi-Dance

11:10AM Pro/Am Ballroom Scholarships

12:07PM General Dancing/Costume Change

12:37PM Pro/Am Smooth Single Dances

12:37PM Amateur Smooth Single Dances

02:32PM World Pro-Am Smooth Dancesport Series

02:32PM Amateur Smooth Multi-Dance

02:32PM DVIDA Smooth Scholarship

02:46PM Pro/Am Smooth Scholarships

03:15PM Jr Amateur Ballroom Single Dances

03:43PM Jr Amateur Latin Solo Starz Dances (No Partner)

04:01PM Jr Amateur Latin Single Dances

04:45PM Jr Amateur Multi-Dance

04:59PM End of Session


07:30PM Session 5 - Saturday Evening

08:00PM Professional Exhibition

08:22PM Formation

08:25PM Professional Open Ballroom

08:35PM Professional Open Rhythm

09:00PM Professional Open Smooth

09:27PM Professional Open Latin

09:47PM End of Session


Showcases will be danced throughout the weekend. All World Dancesport Events will be danced during their corresponding sessions.

All Amateur Adult divisions will be danced during their corresponding Pro-Am sessions

All Pro-Am-ages-18-and-under divisions will be danced during regular Pro-Am events

(Please be in the ballroom at least 30 min prior to your scheduled time, as session start times may vary)

*Club Night dances: Bachata, Hustle, Salsa, Merengue, Argentine Tango, West Coast Swing, Lindy Hop, Samba, Polka, Country Dances

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